Please find below some important information regarding DIgSILENT training courses.

General Questions for all types of Training

Do I need a separate webshop account to purchase a training course?

What training courses are available for PowerFactory?

Which PowerFactory version is used for the training courses?

Can I do the training with a different PowerFactory version from the one specified in the programme?

Do I need experience with PowerFactory to attend the training courses?

Questions about Onsite/Online Trainings

Do I need a PowerFactory licence to attend the training?

On which webmeeting platform are the online courses delivered?

Do I need to prepare for the Python Training course?

Questions about Self E-Learning

Where can I access my purchased Self E-Learning courses?

Are the webshop and learning management system (LMS) accounts identical?

What is the PowerFactory AppStreaming?

When does the 30-day-access time for a Self E-Learning start?

What is the meaning of the streaming region on the Self E-Learning product page?